autism teenage traits

My Teenage Autistic Traits

In a previous post, I shared the autistic traits I’ve identified in my childhood self. This time, I thought I’d share my teenage traits. It’s probably not interesting to anyone but me, but it’s a good way of getting my thoughts together. (Note that I’m using “teenage” to refer to my secondary school life, so … Continue reading My Teenage Autistic Traits

Meltdown Days Are the Worst

I never really used to get meltdowns — at least, very rarely. For some reason, that has changed over the past year or so. I think the Covid situation has really amplified it. I’ve been stuck indoors with my partner and nobody else for company, which has led to countless arguments and annoyances. Also, there … Continue reading Meltdown Days Are the Worst

autism childhood traits

My Childhood Autistic Traits

One of the interesting things about realising you’re autistic is looking back over your entire life and seeing it through a different lens. I made three mindmaps a while back listing the traits I had as a child, teenager, and young adult respectively. So I thought I’d write up my childhood traits here — you … Continue reading My Childhood Autistic Traits

Living With Undiagnosed Autism

Years ago, someone I was dating hinted that he thought I may have Asperger’s, a form of autism where the person doesn’t have developmental delays. We’d had problems in our relationship stemming from my difficulty with recognising and communicating my emotions. But I’d read about Asperger’s before and felt that I didn’t really identify with … Continue reading Living With Undiagnosed Autism

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